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Dave is an authorized dealer for Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Pro Monitors in Hawai'i. Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Monitors are the industry standard for quality and design! Dave will help you through the entire process from recommending an audiologist for your ear impressions to explaining how to optimize the way you use your UE monitors.
Recent clients who have purchased UE Custom In-Ear Monitors include Kapena (Kelly Boy DeLima, Kapena DeLima, Kalena DeLima, Lilo DeLima), Natalie and Iolani Kamauu, Sean Na'auao, Johnny Helm, Shaun Reyes, Kapono Na'ili'ili, LT Smooth, Aaron Barker, Bruce Collins and Paul Battad. Here's what they had to say:
"Uncle, I love them! I actually use them to mix- lol! I know I'm not really supposed to but to me it's almost like Yamaha NS10 speakers. I get plenty of 4k-ish sounding stuff so with these, I get my mixes smooth- it sounds like butter. Getting used to the isolation. It was weird at first but I love them now". - Kapena DeLima
"The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Monitor system is the best money can buy! The fit was so perfect, I was scared at first insertion because the monitors literally feel like they disappear into your ears. The fit is spot-on, making it easy to tell when they’re even a little out of place, and they help to completely block out outside noise. The noise isolation and sound quality of these in-ears make them incomparable, with robust bass response and extraordinary mid and high frequencies. Highly recommended for every musician!" - Kalena DeLima
“Ever since I started using Ultimate Ears, it has improved my onstage performance and made listening to music a pleasant experience. With it’s perfect fit, amazing sound, and customer service, it is worth every penny." - Paul Battad of The Steppas
Anyways, the UE in ear monitors have basically changed my life listening to music a lot softer than I usually do. The Clarity in this awesome in ear monitor system are like magic. You can hear every little detail in a mix of your preference. And the bottom end balances everything out with a great mix of your preference. I highly recommend the UE In-Ear monitors. It'll change your life!" - Sean Na'auao
Contact Dave for additional information on any of the models below . Demos are also available for the UE5, UE7, UE11 and the flagship UE18+ PRO . Choose the model that best suits your needs and budget. Use the chart below to choose your color. Other customizable options include the length and color of the cable, the type and size of your case, the addition of an ambient feature, custom graphics or the removal of the UE logo. There is also an Extra Rush option. Dave can fully explain all of these options to you.
All purchases are made with Dave through a secure online credit card portal or with PayPal.
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